About Us

Life in Japan


Where would be the mystery if I told you everything about us?  This is what I'll let you know. 

We live in Tokyo - the reasons may be teased out of my various writings.

Steve Iijima.  That's me!

Christine Iijima.  My lovely wife.

Grace Emiko.  Oldest Daughter.  Currently in grade school, but if this web site is like other web sites, she may be in college by now.

Sofia Hana.  Youngest Daughter.  Is she in high school yet?  I don't know - is it 2016?

Emiko (beautiful, smiling child). Hana (flower). I like their middle names - a Japanese touch that fits their lives here in Japan.  Christine thinks it's kind of silly when I introduce them as Grace Emiko or Sofia Hana.  Presumptuous I guess.