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Welcome to our web page. Not real flashy, not that fun, not all that informative. You know what the hardest part of creating a web page is?  Content!  Trying to fill in all those empty spots on that cool site of yours.  Man, it's tough.  Hey, if you want entertainment, go somewhere else!

However, if you are interested in anything related to the Iijimas (at least this clan), this is the place to be. Well, not really. But at least there is something to keep you entertained for a few moments or so.  I mainly created this site as a location for my occasional postings on our life.  Go to "Life in Japan" for this material.  Plus there are links to our photo site for way too many kid pictures.  How embarrassing. Now, move along.

Steve Iijima - current as of at least June 2010

For the record, the pictures of the girls in the banner are old. But when I first threw this site together I spent a lot of time getting the look just right and I have to say it isn't half bad.